Bring a Little Greenery to Your Workplace with these DIY Planters

Now that the holiday season has passed, all of the joy it brought you feels like a dim memory. The Monday morning blues have returned, and we’re back to usual! Even the most dedicated employee would feel the pinch in the first few days back at work after a long absence. It’s a good idea to work in a lively, colorful, and vibrant place so that the blues fade away. Cubicle dwellers, in the meantime, are looking for methods to spruce up their dreary surroundings. There’s no better solution than making your planters and pots!

Nature can make all the difference in the world, especially in the concrete jungle with its monotones and faux finishes. These easy-to-make DIY planters and pots demonstrate how even the tiniest bit of green can breathe new life into a room and create a welcoming atmosphere. Your office, home, or corner workspace is no longer a lifeless, chilly, and impersonal atmosphere. The new living, breathing buddy you’ve acquired requires little maintenance and always makes you grin.

Color Infusion

Small DIY planters may be made in a matter of minutes and require only a few succulents or small herbs to fill the air with aroma. The La Croix can planters are a crowd-pleaser, but there are many other creative ways to decorate your home. In addition to being stylish, dip-dyed cups transformed into planters give a splash of color to a white, grey, or beige office setting. While making these vibrant planters, you may choose from various hues and experiment with pastel tints. Because of this, you may easily switch between these stunning planters as the brightest colors fluctuate with the different seasons.

All year-round, the DIY Mini Spring Succulent planters are a great way to include succulents in your home decor, and they can be made in any color you like. The gold ring adds a touch of glimmer to the office, and they make excellent gifts. They also don’t take up much room on your desk.

Creative, repurposed, and eco-friendly pots for plants.

The notion of turning a wooden log into a planter appeals to us since it offers a sense of cosiness while also being functional. If you set your mind to it, you can make a miniature planter out of just about anything. These ultra-chic planters look right at home just about anywhere because of the recent resurgence of wooden accents and décor in modern homes. Succulents in shell-pots look even more remarkable, and they’ll steal the show even as they bring a coastal vibe to the table.

Our readers, who are bookworms, will be delighted to see the book planters filled with succulents. They appear more at ease in a formal situation in the workplace. There is no need to spend a lot of time on it, and it is a good discussion starter.

DIY Planters that are Understated

A little planter on your workplace desk is subtle in and of itself. However, a simple planter that is even smaller or blends into the background feels much more minimal in appearance. The hanging brass planters mix metallic gleam with modern elegance and a touch of mid-century flair to deliver quite a punch while keeping quiet in the background. You may buy a tiny lava rock planter or be creative and make your own. If you choose the proper pattern, the Mini Pinch Pot Planters add a touch of rustic charm and geo design.

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Written by Emely Wart


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